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How a man will meet the end of life, this we cannot say,
But a choice is made by him within,
Even in his lifetime, he’s often left to himself by God,
Because of his pride, he dwells outside.

Lord calls the evil ones dogs,
Children of the devil and of the fire of Hell,
And also children of disobedience…
Let God forgive me for everything, for every single thing!

Death only reveals what shape it assumed
And at the end things can be clearly seen…
The last of all grace of God leaves such ones
Who keep the needle in the egg of Koschei.

And this happens before death
And prior to body, man’s spirit dies…
But a man staggers carelessly with his body,
Not knowing that his spirit has died out!

His spirit is equal to the one of filthy demons,
He’s irreversible to goodness!
But our faith comes from hearing,
God is the one who puts an end to life!

Alas, there’s a point of no return,
For those who rejected God in their lifetime.
The soul of such an one is guilty,
But even to him God offered salvation

It happened that great sinners were saved,
Having repented before God of their transgressions…
And the fact they were not entangled in the net
Tells us of the new “wineskins” that they have!

Even though they led a dissolute life,
But if at the end they were converted to God,
Means that they have not passed the point of no return
And that’s why their faces shine

God calls everybody, and very many are called,
But the majority, alas, continues deaf to God.
And this is the reason why chosen are only a few
Among those who were troubled by great sins

They opposed their great sin with the great cry
And that’s why they are holy and pure!
And the assembly of the saved ones is very numerous,
They are simple and gracious to God!

One becomes a child of the devil in the lifetime,
But it goes unperceivable to others.
They are miserable, pathetic and capricious
And they are more bloodthirsty than the beasts

And therefore, my son, do not confuse yourself
With the thoughts of God’s all-forgiveness,
But rather wrap your soul around with repentance,
You shall give account of your life before God!

No one is merciful like our Perfect God,
But those who do not repent He will not pardon.
May the sacred fear of God be upon us,
May this fear guard us from perdition!

The end of the end crowns the work of man.
At what condition God will find you, in the same you shall be judged!
If you’re not weeds, then at the end of this world
You shall remain unharmed by the final evil!

And this is why we call upon God, have mercy,
And we’re looking for mercy from our God.
And thus we continue until the grave,
Until the hour of death, until this hour of ours.


Given that the end crowns your work
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Translation of the poem of the father Oleg Molenko

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