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Preliminary Design of the Temple

Thanks to God, we have been able to perform the preliminary design of the Temple and now we have an estimation of the construction costs. That estimation showed that this Temple can be built for $400,000-$500,000 canadian dollars. Thus I change the fundraising goal lowering it to $487,000 CAD.

I’m publishing the 3D views of the Temple made by the project’s architect.

Храм в Сосуа, 3D модель скетч3

Храм в Сосуа, 3D модель скетч2

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Sanctification and Exaltation of the Wayside Cross

Peace be to all!

May God’s help and blessings be with those that have donated and who continue to donate to this wonderful Temple of God.

Watch this video filmed in the Dominican Republic on our piece of land near the town of Sosua. It shows the sanctification of the Wayside Cross that took place in our our chapel on the 17th of April, 2016, carrying the Cross from the chapel to the top of the mount and its exaltation at the place where we expect to build the Temple of God, shall we be able to raise funds with the help of God and with you donating to the construction thereof.


May the Temple of God be at this place.

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We started raising the walls of our refectory church.
In here we will pray until the Main Temple is built.

We have to build this Temple before the year 2022. If this Temple complex is built, the Americas will stand still without any troubles and disasters for 10 more years! If the funds for the construction of the Temple are not collected and the Temple thus is not built, the Americas will face the most devastating disasters and horrible calamities! God has left it to the faith of men! It’s in your power to choose life or death! I suggest you not to take risks, but to help us build this Temple! May the Lord God bless everyone who donates to it!



Photos have been taken on March 23, 2016.

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