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The question arises: why do people who are willing to help a seriously ill person or а family make these individual donations readily (which is great!), but do not want to solve the same health problem globally by making a donation to our Temple? The reason is that they got tempted by today’s Christianity – represented by a large bouquet of various apostate denominations, which are unable to do anything, as they have none of the Lord’s power or His grace! It can be easily proved by the facts! Let someone recall at least one real fact of healing a seriously ill person, for example, by any of the last five Popes, or the Patriarch of Russian Church Kirill (Gundyaev) or ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew or any other heads of the present-day churches!

Nobody would be able to mention such an event, as there were none and could never be!

Christ healed, His Apostles healed and His saints healed too, but nobody of the modern bishops and pastors can do that!

I am ready to compete in this with any pastor of any denomination or group calling themselves Christian! I know from my personal experience that God and His power is with me and in our Church! This was proven by a number of miraculous healings of people belonging to different denominations! I am ready to bear witness, to show and prove it by any godly and legal means!

I’m ready to go one-on-one with the Pope, or Cyril (Gundyaev) or any modern bishop, or priest, or pastor, or preacher, who claims that he is from God and has His power and grace!

I assure you that none of them would agree to take part in a competition, because all of them and each of them are spiritual impotents! They would rather call me “crazy”, “heretic”, “schismatic”, “sectarian”, “servant of satan” and so on, than agree to accept my challenge!

Kind and merciful people! Do not believe the modern preachers of lies, who only hide behind the name of Christ, but have neither His power nor His truth, nor His grace! Be sure to provide help in the way you can to those who really need your help today! But understand that a donation to the Divine source of aid (i.e. to build the Temple) is more important than assistance to many suffering individuals! Because in this way you can help tens, hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of ill and suffering people! If I, priest of God Oleg, deceive you – you can then throw at me rotten eggs, putrid tomatoes and overdue cakes! And even then I’ll still die for my deception; the most terrible and cruel death!

Believe me that I am bringing to you from the Most High God, His power and His grace, which should manifest itself through this Temple! If not, then I would be better to not have been born into this world! Verify this through your help in the construction of the Temple, where the power of the living God will be revealed for the many suffering and ill people!

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